Cool, Dry, and Funny: Mrs. Pico


You might be surprised to find out math teacher Danielle Pico hasn’t had a glass of water in years. The long-time  VHS math teacher has a strong aversion to water, exclaiming that “The taste is horrible. I think it has a taste, and I don’t like it.” For the record, she prefers iced tea and hot coffee. 

Mrs. Pico speaks proudly about her two sons: DJ and Anthony. DJ is currently a sophomore at Rutgers University while Anthony is a freshman in high school. She proudly states that DJ won his school’s “water gun competition” when he was a senior in high school. 

The beloved geometry teacher has been teaching “professionally since 1993, but [she] has been playing school all [her] life.” She said that she has always loved school, her teachers, and staying organized. When we asked what Mrs. Pico would be if she weren’t a teacher, she surprised us with the answer: a comedian.

“I like telling jokes about this generation, and all this technology, and selfies…I feel like everyone’s sharing this and sharing that…I’m just totally not into that.” 

You may have noticed Mrs. Pico wearing a turtleneck every day, even when it’s hot outside. She cites her “turtleneck limit” as 70 degrees, and only when air conditioning is on. “You can’t wear a turtleneck when it’s 80 degrees,” she said. Mrs. Pico loves the cold and hates the summer, as her skin condition hinders her from spending too much time in the sun. She talked excitedly about her trip to Canada this summer and recounted happily how the temperature didn’t climb above her “turtleneck limit.” 

When asked what time period she would travel to, Mrs. Pico excitedly answered: “The 80s are my favorite. I’m still into all the 80s music and everything… I like doing everything the old fashioned way.” 

When she is not at school, Mrs. Pico can be found at home watching her favorite TV shows. She is very passionate about Law and Order: SVU, SWAT, and Chicago P.D. She also enjoys The Real Housewives of New Jersey because she considers it a “…good way to have mindless television.” 

We know that every job has a downside. When asked what the downside of being a teacher is, Mrs. Pico laughs as she says, “We’re forcing you guys to come to school, sometimes you’re not interested in it or motivated.”