Second-Career Teacher: Senora Garson


Since one of the misconceptions of this teacher are that she is shy or standoff-ish, you would never think of this person throwing a toy at someone for running over her foot with a bike at the age of 8. 

But that is one of the childhood memories of Señora Garson, who describes herself as “spunky” and has taught Spanish at VHS for the last four years. 

As her students know, Senora is incredibly patient with her students. One main thing she likes about teaching is that school restarts, so you get a fresh start each year.” She also appreciates when students “realize that they are capable of understanding.” 

Señora Garson says her greatest inspiration during her teaching career has been her colleague Señora Calvo. She exclaims “it is amazing how she does what she does.” Señora Garson describes Señora Calvo as kind, patient, and generous. 

The most motivating people in her life are her kids, Teo and Noah. Teo is in eighth grade and Noah is in sixth grade

She recalls her happiest childhood memories taking place during summer trips to Spain with her grandparents, but she also loved getting home to see her parents at the end of the trips. 

In her free time she enjoys reading nonfiction books and walking her dog, Remi. One of her favorite books is called “We Are Liars” by E. Lockhart. She loves to cook all sorts of things including butternut squash soup and loaded baked potato soup. 

A fact that a lot of people do not know is that teaching is a second career for her. Before being a Spanish teacher, Señora Garson worked at a magazine company for ten years. 

Señora Garson would like to expand her many talents by working on her photography skills. She is specifically interested in  “what makes a good image.” This does not mean she would work professionally in photography. She says “I would stick with the choices I have made” including career choices.  

She has “no life plan”, but would like to “move [to] some place calmer”.