Look For Her Almost Anywhere: Abby Bermeo

Do you know Abby Bermeo?

She’s a senior. You might find her hanging around in the hallways after school, or hanging around Tambo’s room during lunch. You might recognize her. 

If you’re a freshman, you might know her as one of your Peer Leaders. She’s actually on the executive board of Peer Leadership, meaning she helps plan all the activities for the club. 

Or, if you’re into community service, you might recognize her as the president of the Key Club. She’s in charge of all the community service project Key Club runs in the high school.

Homecoming Queen this year?  Yeah, that was Abby.

Still nothing? Well, she’s vice president of the school. She helps run the meetings. Whenever the student council does something, she’s one of the ones behind it. The seniors’ Halloween trip to F. N. Brown? She helped. The toy drive? She stayed after school to pack up the gifts. She even helped draft the new constitution. Do you remember the essay contest the Student Council held, writing about your favorite teacher? She was one of the judges. 

If you don’t know her from any of that, you might recognize her as a member of the Spotlight Players. She had a leading role in their production of A Comedy of Errors this year.

Ever attend a meeting of the Girls Learn International Club? She runs that, too. She helped host a multi-chapter event earlier in the year, where a bunch of other schools came to Verona to talk about girls learning internationally.  And she’s been chosen as a special representative from Verona for a conference at the United Nations in the second week of March.  

She was an attorney in Mock Trial. In Fed Challenge, she helps make all the graphs. Maybe you’ve had her as a tutor- she’s in the National Honor Society, too.

Heck, you might even have seen her name on some of these articles. What? I didn’t mention that? Oh yes, she’s one of the editors-in-chief of the Fairviewer. And she writes for the school’s Avante-Garde magazine as well. 

Still not ringing any bells?

Well,  go to the musical, next week and maybe you’ll see here there.  Oh wait, she’ll be backstage. She was awfully busy this time of year, so she’s just doing the stage crew instead.