Hillbilly Quarterback Looks to Play at Next Level

All seniors experience the stressful college process. Between test scores, GPA, essays, recommendation letters, and picking your favorite school, it seems like a never ending process. That is how it is for a normal student applying to college. It’s even harder for an athlete.

Senior football captain Frank Ferrari is looking to continue his football career at the next level. Frank, an all-county quarterback and safety, has quite a few schools interested in him. His college process is slightly different than the one a typical high school senior goes through. Frank has taken the ACTs, SATs, has a good GPA and has written his college essay, but that isn’t enough. Schools want to see his stats from games, and highlights from the course of his career.

“It’s a very stressful process and is a lot different than a normal college decision. I have to meet with coaches, get to know them, and pick my school based on how much I like them and the atmosphere they coach in,” said Ferrari.

Frank has met with coaches from Boston College, and has visited Johns Hopkins along with some Ivy League schools. However, Boston College is a big Division I school and Frank is not guaranteed to get the playing time he wants. Johns Hopkins is a very competitive Division III program and his chances at significant playing time are much better. However, he has interest in them all as does his twin brother, Bill.

With a GPA in the high 3’s and good test scores, along with his athletic skill,  Frank has just what these schools are looking for. Expenses are still an issue because neither Division III schools nor Ivy League schools offer athletic scholarships, but his grades and scores could get him some money. For example, his impressive ACT score could help him qualify for an academic scholarship.

During the summer, Frank attended several college football camps around the area. Dartmouth and Cornell were some of the Ivy League camps he attended. Also, he went to a football game at Johns Hopkins University and met with the coach. Frank has an interest in the school, but more importantly, they have interest in him.

According to Frank, the main difference is that as an athlete you need to feel comfortable with the coaches and players before you make your final choice. They are the people you will be with for the next four years so it is very important that you like these people. You cannot fall in love with a school based on how it looks when trying to play a sport.Your focus has to be the team because the next four years of your life and an average of forty hours a week will be spent with them.