Teacher Profile:Mrs.Gadaleta


She is married and has a daughter named Lennon. She also has two dogs named Mya and Tucker. She is always there, in her office, when you need her, whether it is about college, or  classes you are taking. She is Mrs. Jennifer Mrs. Gadaleta, one of the new Guidance counselors at Verona High School.

Mrs. Gadaleta, says her mom was her greatest influence as a child, that their close relationship was something very special, and that her mom was her “bff.”  A mom herself now, she says the the happiest day of her life was when her daughter Lennon was born.

She said her current favorite book is “On the Day I Was Born” because she bonds with her daughter while reading it, which makes it special to both of them.

Some more insight into Mrs. Gadaleta:  Her favorite show:  “Grey’s Anatomy by far.”  Her favorite singer: Carrie Underwood, and country music in general.  Her favorite movie: She loves rom-com, and she could not choose between Sweet Home Alabama and The Wedding Planner.

She says something very few people know about her is that she was born in Houston Texas, but that if all goes well, her ideal life in 20 years would be living in North Carolina with her family somewhere by the beach. She would also like to be retired.

She says if she had a million dollars, she would put aside enough money to pay for Lennon’s college education, buy a house, and save the rest.