Meet Some Freshmen

Part of the fun of a new school year at Verona High School is the 150 or so new faces roaming the halls. They are new, they are hesitant towards entering high school, and they are the future of VHS.

Meet some of the new freshmen at Verona High School:

Member of the girls’ JV soccer team, Kaitlyn Keane is among the many freshmen this year who are carrying on the family name beneath their older siblings who are currently upper classmen at VHS.  Kaitlyn’s sister, Emily, is a current senior.  Kaitlyn has a strong passion for soccer and has been playing for over eight years. While still getting used to life at VHS, Kaitlyn admits that “the best thing [about high school] is that you have more freedom than you did in middle school.” Kaitlyn is looking forward to playing lacrosse in the spring and hopes to one day become captain of her soccer team.

After attending the soccer pre-season over the summer and proving his talent in the sport, freshman Jack Farrell has earned his spot this year as the only freshmen on the boys varsity soccer team.  “At first I thought I wanted to play with all my friends on JV,” Jack admitted, “but when I started playing with varsity I realized it makes me a better player so I like it a lot.” Jack plans to continue his high school athletic career in the winter and spring seasons by playing basketball and lacrosse.

Michelle Lima, also a freshman this year, is unique from her classmates, since she only moved to Verona about a year ago and went to a private middle school.  “I was really nervous because I was coming from a class of only 16 people, but I made some friends about a month before school started and they have been really nice to me,” Michelle said. Michelle is currently a member of the JV girls’ tennis team and hopes to get involved with more sports in the future.