VHS Freshman a YouTube Sensation

Imagine being a freshman in high school and also a YouTube sensation tallying over 200,000 views on your video uploads, having make-up companies contacting you to review their makeup, and constantly having fans approach you in public.  This fantasy to most is a reality for 14- year-old VHS freshman Reagan Gresham.

Reagan started her YouTube channel, “RayRaysMakeup,” a little over two years ago.  “One day I was looking at videos on YouTube about how to do different hairstyles and saw other girl’s channels,” Reagan explained, “I thought it was cool and decided to start my own.”

It only took Reagan less than a year and a half to reach 10,000 subscribers on her channel. Once this happened, a beauty company, Stylehaul, which is partnered with YouTube, contacted her. Reagan has, since then partnered with Stylehaul and gets paid monthly, depending on the number of views she gets on her YouTube channel.

“Most people think it’s weird that I find joy from talking to myself into a camera, but my friends think it’s normal,” Reagan explained when asked what her peers think about her channel.

“Because her YouTube channel is so popular, people are always coming up to Reagan when were at the mall or other places,” one of Reagan’s best friends, VHS freshman Sam Beltram, explains, “but her channel and minor fame has never made me treat her differently. I still see her as just Reagan.”

Not everyone in Reagan’s life has always supported her channel. At first, Greshum’s mother was completely against it. “She didn’t really understand the point of it, and wasn’t really comfortable with me putting things out there for everyone to see on the internet,” Reagan says, “but now she sees how happy it makes me and is very supportive.”

Many VHS students and close friends had to say goodbye to Reagan this past month as she moved with her family from Verona to Charleston, South Carolina.  Although she will be missed she will always be available to us via her YouTube channel, “RayRaysMakeup.”