New Staff Member Spotlight: Mr. Merkler


The VHS staff and student body welcomed Mr. Robert Merkler into the district as the new athletic director this year.

Although previous athletic director Glenn Cesa left Mr. Merkler big shoes to fill, he has delivered in fine fashion and has enjoyed his experience so far in this new position.

“My experience here has been great,” Mr. Merkler says, “all the teams are working hard… to see everyone in action is very rewarding and very satisfying”.

Mr. Merkler was previously a physical education, health, and driver’s education teacher at Edison High School and has coached football, basketball, and baseball. His enthusiasm toward sports has been a positive contribution to VHS athletics as many student athletes have noticed and appreciated Mr. Merkler’s support at every home game.

Mr. Merkler’s colleagues have worked well with him and have helped him adjust to this new position. He and the physical education teachers have orchestrated a more strenuous and beneficial program for students to participate in during their gym classes.

“Our job is to introduce different elements to the physical education program to all the students,” Mr. Merkler says, commenting on the new curriculum in which the students will be assessed weekly on fitness tests while their progress will be recorded.

Mr. Merkler’s heavy involvement with all sports teams and efforts towards making physical education programs more constructive shows his enthusiasm and passion toward his new position as an athletic director as he has already made notable and helpful changes to the VHS athletic programs.