The Benefits of Traveling

Have you ever wondered what is outside of the small two mile radius of Verona? The answer: endless possibilities and destinations. There are so many opportunities outside of our small town, that many people seem to let slip away, and decide to stay to themselves, or never leave our small town.


Although I am only 18 years old, and haven’t  lived that long, I can honestly say that although school is an important part of my education,  I have been educated the most not from that “A” in Algebra, but from traveling. I remember coming home from my first vacation abroad , I felt like my life had honestly been changed, but in a good way  and I knew that traveling would continue to be a passion for me.  Traveling can help get away from the stress of your normal life, and helps open up to more experiences, and appreciate life more.

Here’s a few way that traveling can help you, and impact your life:


1.)It helps you gain perspective

Being exposed to new cultures, and new ideas will help you see the world in a different way .It helps you appreciate the architecture and the art from the area,and it helps you realize that compared to your small town, the world in enormous and there are so many things out there that we are not exposed to on a daily basis.


2.)  A chance to try new things

Part of the fun of traveling, is trying new things. Trying a new food, activities, or going  to an area that you are not used to is a way to branch out, and step out of your comfort zone. It is a way appreciate different cultures in a way that you have not before.


3.) Connections

I have been to Europe about 5 times, and I can say that from my travels and adventures, I now have friends from all over the world. It can be  interesting  to keep up with friends via facebook and instagram, and keep up with friends from different countries.  Later in life, if I end up traveling to another country in which I have a friend from, it can be an opportunity to visit and embrace different cultures.


4.)To see for yourself what the outside world is like

Until I traveled for the first time, the only understanding of traveling which I had was from the books I had read, but reading a book about the Colosseum and seeing it in person, are two completely different things. Traveling to a different country, you really gain the  appreciation for other cultures, people, and surrounding and also gain an appreciation for our own lives.  


5.) To come home revived

Although many do not realize it, it has been proven that going away even for a short period of time can relieve stress. Maybe it is the stress of homework,  colleges, or even stress at your job, but everyone has it. Many psychologists believe that  going away even for a weekend, can help  you forgot about the stress of of your normal life, and you come home renewed and ready to “restart”your life.