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DAMN, Lamar!

Anthony Cruz

May 8, 2017

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“New Kung Fu Kenny!” It’s been two years since To Pimp a Butterfly, a very politically driven album that shed a lot of light on the social issues going on. It was an album that sales wise did very well but had mixed revie...

Spotlight Players Hold One-Act Festival

Star Kent-Finnegan

May 17, 2016

Filed under Entertainment

As the end of the year approaches, one thing many families look forward to in Verona High School is the annual One Act Festival. The One Act Festival is comprised of a series of student directed plays ranging from only abou...

The Benefits of Traveling

Rachel Josephson

March 15, 2016

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Have you ever wondered what is outside of the small two mile radius of Verona? The answer: endless possibilities and destinations. There are so many opportunities outside of our small town, that many people seem to let slip aw...

AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP Album Review

Andres Sandoval

June 18, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

Have you ever encountered an album where half of the songs on it are subpar, yet you find yourself listening to the album on a regular basis? That’s the feeling I have towards A$AP Rocky’s most recent album, AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP. The...

How Leaking Has Affected the Music Industry

Andres Sandoval

June 18, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

In 2011, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was introduced to help U.S. law enforcement combat online piracy. And for the remainder of that year, the bill achieved a bit of success. However, in 2015, it has seemingly only gotten worse;...

Why You Should Check Out

Izzy Schechter

June 8, 2015

Filed under Entertainment, Features

These days, the internet is a primary tool for discovering and sharing music. Once it was MySpace that provided streaming, next it was iTunes, and eventually it moved on to websites like Pandora. The next wave of the music-sharing...

Vaporwave: The Virtual Plaza Awaits

Jon Pinon

May 22, 2015

Filed under Commentary, Entertainment

The prominence of social networking has allowed the Internet to essentially develop into an expansive new society within itself that exists right under the radar of the general public; it consists of a wide variety of views and...

What’s the New Black?

Izzy Schechter, Editor-in-Chief

May 20, 2015

Filed under Entertainment

Some TV shows are funny. Others are educational, others are interesting, and others exist purely for the entertainment. Netflix’s original series “Orange is the New Black” is the entire package, from hysterical to devastating,...

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