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Illegal Bee Scare in Local Classroom

Abigail Bermeo

October 16, 2019

This past Thursday an unexpected bee was found in Room 49 at Verona High School. The suspected bee, age unknown, had reportedly been in the room for over five minutes before being noticed. The suspect has been known to have entered ...

Where to Grab a Bite to Eat in Verona

Maeve McGinley

May 29, 2019

Frank Anthony’s Everyone who's anyone in Verona has been to Frank Anthony’s, more commonly called Frank Ant’s. People flock to Frank Ant’s for their iconic Fortunato sandwich which is comprised of a chicken cutlet, arug...

Ten Things Only the Youngest Child Will Understand

Maeve McGinley

April 7, 2019

If you’re the baby of your family, you’re used to being called “spoiled” and told that everything was handed to you. Sometimes you may even agree, because you were often handed “hand-me-downs” to wear at the start of the new...

Ten Winter Trends of 2019

Meg Evans

February 17, 2019

2019 has started and so have the new fashion trends of the year. Start the year out in style by checking the biggest runway looks of the season. Here is a list of some of the major trends to wear in the new year. Sherpas ...

How to Spend Your Snow Day

Izzie Buneo

February 17, 2019

10 Steps to Having a Perfect Snow-day! All of us look forward to that text message or call telling us the magical news:  Snow Day:  So how can you make the most of your bonus day? Here are the 10 ways to have a pe...

Top 10 Gifts for a Grab Bag or Secret Santa

Maeve McGinley

December 22, 2018

Here is a list 0f gift ideas for your “Secret Santa” exchange or grab bag this holiday season. Some of these gifts are so universally loved that they can be gifted to someone of any gender or age. 10. Gift card Who do...

Top Twelve Drug Store Cosmetics

Erin McNally, Editor in Chief

October 16, 2017

Who says beauty has to be expensive? In this article you’ll find dupes of expensive products, and cheap but great products-a real bang for your buck!   1.Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner:I absolutely adore this product. ...

2017 Fall Trends

Celina Koelhoffer

October 16, 2017

Fall is finally here! Here are the top eight trends for the season!   Checker Print- Over the last few months, classic checker print has been making a huge comeback. Not just in black and white either- in all color...

10 things to do instead of binge watching

Cathleen Paluszek

May 2, 2017

  Go outside and be active   Chances are, you are probably snacking on chips or something and you’ll end up binge eating as you binge watch. Go outside and take in the fresh air, go to the gym, or try out new...

10 Things People From Big Families Know

Taylor Reed

April 17, 2017

You’re always late for everything → Getting a large sum of people from the front door to the car takes a megaphone and an hour's notice. Family reunions must take place in a grand hall → There will be a minimum ...

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