Are VHS Teachers Dunkin’ or Starbucks?


BEEP…BEEP…BEEP. Your alarm goes off at 6:45 a.m. for another dreadful weekday. As you pull yourself out of bed unwillingly, all you can think about is coffee, caffeine, something to wake you up; but where do you go to get this source of energy? Starbucks or Dunkin? 

In order to discover what company was the most popular amongst the VHS staff members, I went around surveying which they favored and why. There was not a clear winner, though there were some loyal customers revealed through the process of gathering this information. 

“How the heck is that even a question,” Mr. Swajkowski states when responding to which is better. “I hate Dunkin, it tastes like trash.” This strong opinion was especially surprising considering I, and many other students have never seen Mr. Swajkowski drink anything besides water. 

Mrs. Ramos was in the middle of an intense lab, but Mr. Swajkowski made sure I knew that she was a Starbucks supporter alongside him. After later conferring with Mrs. Ramos she confirmed that this was definitely the case!

Mrs. Sciacchitano is also a passionate Starbucks lover. Whether this is because of the fashionable cups they offer, or their delicious drinks and food, she felt that Dunkin didn’t stand a chance when it came to any competition. “Shack” discussed this all while sipping out of the neon pink, orange, and yellow limited edition Starbucks tumbler her daughter had recently got her. She mentioned that she also has several more in her cabinet at home. 

However, Mr. Orr felt that Dunkin was the better choice because of the food selection they offer; food selection meaning their choice to sell chocolate glazed donuts, his personal favorite. Coffee, or drink selection did not matter much to him as he does not drink those types of beverages. 

Ms. Sepcie agreed with Mr. Orr, although she chose Dunkin because of their coffee, not donuts. Although she had no doubt in her answer, she debated if she went to Dunkin because of its convenience and consistency in her everyday routine. 

The assistant principal Mr. Merkler also expressed his devotion to Dunkin, despite his love for a local coffee shop in Verona. This shop is called the Compound, and is very close to the school making it an easy stop before school.

Mr Thai shared this same love for the Compound, but confessed he mostly goes there as a result of getting gift cards. If not for the gift card he shares that he usually orders from Starbucks. 

While some teachers were set in stone on their side of this debate Mr. White was most definitely not.

“I would say I am almost a sneaky Starbucks supporter,” Mr. White says.  He explains that by sneaky he is referring to the fact that while he still considers himself a Dunkin fan, and would only use their stores, the coffee he brews for himself at home is Starbucks whole bean coffee from Costco that he grinds himself.  

Regardless of how much coffee Mr. White makes at home, he still  holds an anti-Starbucks store campaign; this campaign mostly revolves around the fact that the sizing terminology at Starbucks is “pretentious and dumb” and their products are “wildly overpriced.”

As you can see, after many interviews there is not one clear winner, it just comes down to what gets the VHS staff out of bed in the morning!