A New Era of Denim

Skinny jeans were all the rage from 2000 to about 2019.  Flashforward to 2022 and new/old styles of denim have entered the market. 

Denim jeans are a piece of timeless fashion that will always be in style. Everyone has that one pair of jeans that they love. The nice thing about denim is how versatile the fit of the pants can be as new styles become trendy.  

Different eras of denim range as time progresses. Skinny jeans were introduced in 2005 and spiked everyone’s interests. Now, most girls don’t even own a pair. 

“I don’t even own a pair of skinny jeans, I haven’t worn a pair since pre pandemic” senior 

Sara Remler confesses. Remler prefers a more relaxed fit pair of jeans as she considers them to be “more versatile”. Her favorite style is mom jeans, an 80’s style of jeans that have gained huge popularity in modern day.

“The Zara Mini Flare Jeans are the: Best. Jeans. Ever” senior Bridget Lonsinger passionately expresses. The stretch and length is important to Lonsinger when considering her jeans. The 70’s  flare jean trend has also gained popularity in 2021 and is the “perfect mix between the boyfriend and flare jean trend”. 

Lonsinger also does not own a pair of skinny jeans and doesn’t plan on wearing a pair anytime soon.

Bridget and Sarah both agree that whatever style their jeans are, they want it to feel comfortable.  

The 90’s silhouette also started to come back as old style icons like Jennifer Aniston have become fashion inspiration. Brands who focus on their denim, like Abercrombie and Levi’s, see the spike of this trend and have begun to sell the “90’s fit.”

The biggest trend of denim in 2022 is comfort. Relaxed fit jeans are the current fashion fixation. These types of jeans describe the fit of the pants while keeping shapes of other styles. For example, a relaxed straight leg jean. 

The point of this trend is to feel like the jeans have been “lived in” and not something that you have to make your body fit. 

The new eras of denim are forever changing as trends continue to evolve and bring back old styles. 

The thing to keep in mind is to wear the style of jeans that feels personal to you.

Jeans will always be a piece of clothing that is timeless and timeless fashion is the best fashion.