Halloween Costumes: An Opinion

This year, VHS announced that students of all grades could dress up for Halloween, a tradition that has traditionally been reserved for seniors.   Costumes and a first-time Halloween Parade kicked off the first day of Spirit Week,  a week where each day students are encouraged to dress to match a certain theme to show school unity and spirit. Essentially, Halloween changed from a senior privilege to school community activity.

While the majority of the student body, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, appreciate that they do not have to wait until their senior year to participate in Halloween during school, some seniors disapprove of this change. They argue that having Halloween as a senior privilege makes it more special. As a senior student of this school, I believe that Halloween should be for everyone because a public holiday being limited to only seniors is unfair. After all, it’s more fun when all students and teachers participate in a community tradition.