small things i’d recommend you acknowledge

Sometimes the world around us seems so overwhelmingly vast. Worldly issues and circumstances always find new ways to invade our thoughts, cloud our perspective, and impact our personal well-being. I would like to remind those that read this, that bad moments are just what they are: moments. Not bad days, not bad weeks, not a bad life. Maybe we can balance them with good moments, or at least good thoughts.  So here are some small randomly comforting things I think about when the world seems too big. 

  1. Fogs exist. 
  2. Pumpkins exist.  
  3. That Garden Song by Phoebe Bridgers, or literally any song by her, exists.
  4. Pears exist, if you’re allergic or dislike pears you probably have a chemical imbalance.
  5. Plaid?
  6. The song Wasteland, Baby! exists.
  7. Libraries exist.  
  8. Fireplaces.
  9. Green Cars.
  10. Burnt orange, the color.
  11. The soundtrack of The Little Prince, but also the movie.
  12. The color pink.
  13. The song Sycamore Girl.
  14. 222.
  15. Caterpillars.
  16. Beach towels.
  17. The color brown.
  18. Snorkeling goggles.
  19. Straw hats.
  20. Yellow bikes.
  21. Frank Ocean.
  22. The entire state of Oregon.
  23. Orange juice.
  24. Coasters.
  25. Literally any song by The Cure.
  26. Love My Way by The Psychedelic Furs.
  27. Learning state capitals.
  28. Art rooms.
  29. Hands in sleeves.
  30. Weirdly colorful sweaters.
  31. Converse sneakers.
  32. Passing the year anniversary of what was once the best day of your life.
  33. What George Miller said when asked if there was gonna be a Happy Feet Three. 
  34. Mood rings, but you lost the list of what the colors mean.
  35. White crew socks.