Fighting The Mid-Year Slump

At the halfway point of the school year, many students find themselves unmotivated, or in a “slump”. Here are some tips to help you get out of this rut, and make the best of the remaining school year.

  1. Plan time for self-care-

It can be hard to practice self-care when you are busy, so scheduling self-care activities is super helpful. Self-care activities like meditation, working out, journaling or even a five-minute stretch can help you relax and recharge. Add one of these activities to your planner, to-do list, phone, or notes app to create a reminder. Scheduling will lead to a higher chance of you actually doing it.

  1. Find time for things you love & create balance-

Doing things you love can help you feel more motivated and energized. Creating a healthy balance of relaxation and hard work is key. You will feel accomplished after completing your schoolwork and look forward to relaxing afterward.

  1. Set small goals-

Setting large goals that are unrealistic will make you feel frustrated and not good enough. Set small, achievable goals every morning, or when you get home from school. Setting goals prepares you for success. Crossing off each item can also make you feel accomplished. 

  1. Change up your routine-

Sticking to the same afterschool/night routine can get boring, and make your week seem repetitive and purposeless. Every day do one thing that is new and excites you. This can be something as small as sitting in a new spot when doing homework or going out to dinner. 

  1. Reward yourself-

You work hard and deserve a treat! After studying for hours or completing your research paper, reward yourself. This reward can be your favorite food, a hangout with friends, or buying something you’ve been eyeing.