Cream, Sugar, and Some Observations

It’s a Sunday morning, around 8:30 a.m., the first espresso has just been brewed and the open sign has been flipped. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and crushed espresso beans fills the air. The kitchen brings waves of toasted bread and sweet pastries. 

This short moment of peace is replaced by a feeling of disappointment as soon as the first rush of people enter, but I’ve always loved seeing the different types of people coming in. The thing about working in the food industry is that everyone is coming for one purpose, to enjoy something or enjoy someone’s company. When I’m not running around the place, I stand behind the counter overlooking the people sitting down. I get a direct view of everybody’s conversations and encounters with one another. I’ve learned to take comfort in the fact that I love people watching;  It’s a different experience, one that I’m not so used to, since I’m usually the one being watched. Whether it is making a speech for the student council or performing in the musical, I am more used to being the one who is watched. Dolce has given me the opportunity to finally be the one watching. There is something beautiful about watching people’s conversations and experiences with each other. The variations of people who come in and the conversations I overhear allow me to see into their lives, even if just for a moment. 

Last Sunday, around 9:45 a.m., one of our regular older couples came in to enjoy their weekly breakfast. He read his usual paper as she sipped her hot decaf coffee with cream. Sitting in silence but still enjoying each other’s company, they took comfort in each other’s presence.   Seeing such relationships allows me to look forward to what my life may be like in my older days.  I know I’m young but encounters like this always make me feel sentimental about the kind of love that humans can experience in their lives.  Dolce is a place to which couples tend to gravitate  and I get to witness all different types of relationships. Later that day a younger man comes in and sits down at the bar.  He grabs the menu and eagerly waits for somebody to arrive. A lady walks in and you can tell that she’s nervous, and late.  He’s already been there long enough to basically memorize the menu, but will pretend to be looking at it for the first time. 

There was something so alluring about watching their first encounter and the nervousness each of them had.  Although they didn’t know it, I enjoyed seeing  something that would possibly bloom into a beautiful relationship.  Standing behind the counter has allowed me to see a lot of things and witness different parts of people’s lives. Being able to finally be the “audience” gives me a sense of  tranquility in a way. It’s peaceful being able to take a step back and watch others around me instead of the one constantly being observed.  Although Dolce is a busy place where I’m constantly running around, being able to witness moments like these allow me to have a deeper appreciation for life.