“True” Snapple Facts

It’s one of the first things you do once you open up a Snapple.  You check the fact under the cap and you find something such as “Polar bear fur is transparent, not white.” Well, can you believe this is indeed a fact, or is Snapple messing with us as some current rumors suggest?

“I think that they are false; I mean I’ve heard that they are false from my brother” says senior Charlie Potesky. Charlie says that his brother told him that one of the Snapple fact caps itself says that a certain number of Snapple facts are false.

The Snapple website says “When we say we put only the Best Stuff in the bottle, we don’t just stop at the sipping part. Go ahead and flip your lid! There’s a Real Fact printed under each and every cap, and by “Real,” we mean A-1, certified, true info. Some of ’em might sound a little out there, but we promise they’re correct.” Most of the facts are very difficult to believe like the fact that lobsters can live up to fifty years. Yet the Snapple page itself proclaims that all facts are true.

“I guess that they are real, why else would Snapple put the fact under the cap in the first place if they were wrong” says senior Joe McNally. “People would be annoyed if that was the case with the caps” says Joe.

One of the facts, specifically Fact # 36, states that “A duck’s quack doesn’t echo.” This fact has been disproven through testing conducted by the University of Salford Manchester.  While it is difficult to hear, the duck’s quack does echo.

Another rumor is the Snapple fact cap # 0 says that “half of all Snapple real facts are false.” This may be a rumor because on the Snapple website itself, there is no number zero real fact on the list. Yet it is still widely proclaimed that they are false.

So are the facts true? Or are half of the facts actually false? Is there actually a number zero real fact that proclaims half of the facts to be false? The world may never know.