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An End to the Midterm Exam?

Nick Cariani

February 7, 2014

Every year the high spirits and excitement of VHS students coming off break are shattered as the dreaded mid-term exams lurk around the corner.  However, future VHS students may be able to breathe easier as indications are that the mon...

Technology May be Costing Us IQ Points

Ryan Gault

January 30, 2014

Today, we live in an era of technology and are now more wired than ever. Positive aspects include greater access to information, increased efficiency of certain tasks (word processing, email, texting), more safety and convenience...

Is Halloween Dead?

Ellen DiDia

October 28, 2013

Remember the Halloween nights from your childhood?  The marvelous costumes, illuminated jack-o-lanterns lining almost every driveway, and massive groups of children skipping with excitement from door to door, their pillowcases...

Insidious 2 Review

Louis Mattia

October 28, 2013

As a sequel to James Wan’s 2010 film Insidious, Insidious 2 continues the story, as it runs both parallel and sequel to the first film. Set in the immediate aftermath of the first film, we revisit the Lambert family as the...


Emily Gagliostro

October 25, 2013

This news is literally the end of the true English language. Dictionaries have changed the definition of ‘literally’ so that it is no longer literal. Traditionally, the definition of ‘literally’ stood as “exactly...

Suspended for… Honesty?

Ashley MacMoyle

October 16, 2013

Honesty is the best policy… right? Well, in David Schaffner’s case, it was the worst decision he could have made. Schaffner, a student at Fox Chapel Area High School in Pennsylvania, was hunting prior to going to a football...

Victims or Villains

Eliza Sniatkowski

October 14, 2013

Think about all of the past mass shootings and bombings over the past few years: in a Colorado movie theater, at a Newtown, Ct. school, on the streets of Boston during its marathon, at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. James Holmes,...

Faking it for Fashion

Morgan Plessner

June 13, 2013

Walking down the hall at VHS, or any American high school for that matter, you are likely to find teenage girls wearing t-shirts featuring artists such as Nirvana, The Ramones, ACDC, and The Misfits.  So has music from the 80s...

An Inconvenient Reality

June 13, 2013

What do you do when you try to save the world, but it’s just not enough? Al Gore can tell you a lot about being let down. Thanks to Florida’s botching of a presidential election, Gore’s seat as head of the country was...

You May Be An Addict And Not Even Not Know It

Morgan Plessner

June 6, 2013

I am an addict.  There, I said it.  Now I am ready to face this harsh truth and deal with it. My addiction is not to drugs, alcohol, or gambling.  But it is an addiction many of you may share but not realize.  I have become...

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