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Out-to-Lunch: A Needed Break

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With rumors circulating last year that the privileges of going out to lunch and leaving for study may be taken away many juniors began to panic.  This, however, proved to be just a rumor and when the seniors arrived in the fall they were guaranteed their privileges.   

Senior out to lunch to all of us seniors is an incredible part of the school.  This also happens to not be a privilege enjoyed by neighboring schools like Caldwell, West Essex, or Cedar Grove, which I’m sure leaves them envious. Leaving for lunch allows seniors to either relax at home, hangout with their friends, or enjoy some of the great food in our area.  Having this break in the middle of the day also helps the day move along quicker.  

“It is a fantastic change of scenery, instead of being stuck in the school for six hours” said senior Chuck Cerle who is very fond of going out to lunch and was eating a Chipotle Burrito when asked this question.  

“If you play a sport you don’t have to worry about leaving the house with your equipment, you can just grab it when you go home for lunch and avoid rushing in the morning.” said senior Matt Gautieri. The ability to not worry about packing a change of clothes for after school practice is a major relief.  Although many seniors seem to love out to lunch like everything it comes with its critics. “It is too short,” Jack Brandt says, “I barely even have enough time to go home and make myself a decent meal.” Although the lunch period is somewhat short I think all seniors could agree that they would rather have this out to lunch period rather than not going at all.

A new addition to the school that facilitates out-t0-lunch is the extra parking spaces added in the rear of the lot.  The school finally put the useless lot of grass behind the parking lot to work and converted it to extra parking. These spaces are incredibly helpful in fitting an extra 20 or so vehicles.  No longer do seniors pull into the lot only to find no space, and have to drive up to Fairview.  The completion of this portion of the construction frees up even more spots that had been occupied earlier this school year by construction vehicles and equipment.  All construction has now moved down to the lower field where all hands are on deck to try and complete the lower field before the spring sports season starts.

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Out-to-Lunch: A Needed Break