Youth Leading the Charge to Demand Climate Change Action

6 million people join latest wave of global protests” reads a recent article published by the Guardian.

Within the past couple of years, Generation Z has begun to take the reigns in the fight against climate change. Just last month,  millions took to the streets for the Global Climate strike which took place over eight days, from September 20 to September 27, inover 180 countries. Pictures posted online of millions of teenagers holding up makeshift cardboard signs with messages such as, “We are skipping our lessons to teach you one” and “Youth Unite” have sent a clear message to the present world leaders that the earth demands change. 

The face of the protest is Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old Swedish climate change advocate who has given up part of her education to fight for environmental stability. She recently released a video with environmental and political activist and writer, George Monbiot, conveying a strong message that not only reinforces that we must help our planet, but also how simple it can be to become part of the solution. “A tree is an example of a natural climate solution,” says Monbiot. Thunberg remarks that “we spend 1,000 times more on global fossil fuel subsidies than on natural based solutions.”

Some people think that becoming a part of the solution is hard, that we are too young to make real change, but it can be so easy. Join the movement, conserve energy and paper, donate, raise awareness, and stop ignoring the problem. Because as Greta would say, “How dare you?!” Everything counts. 

You can (and should) watch Greta’s powerful speech to world leaders at the U.N. here