Quarantine: A curse, and yet a blessing

            I remember the last day I was inside VHS; I was checking my emails that morning when I first arrived, then I read an email that shocked me and left me dumbfounded, school would be closed for weeks.

            That day felt so strange; never in my life did I imagine my senior year would be like this.

            I never imagined that these last few months of my senior year would consist of isolation and being away from my friends.

            I have had little to no trouble adjusting to the new schedule or fair amount of work I was receiving.

            The academic part of my life was no trouble at all, and still isn’t; however, the social aspect of my life has changed significantly.

            I usually prefer to stay at home in my free time, so these past few weeks have felt like a long weekend for me.

            With that said, I miss my friends a great deal; I miss being able to laugh and joke around with them in person.

            Despite my missing my friends, however, this social distancing has allowed me to focus on self-care. I unfortunately rarely have time to take care of myself, but since I am staying at home most of the time, I now have more opportunities to take care of myself and my family than ever before.

            I have been able to draw and sketch more than usual, I’ve taken up a healthier lifestyle and have been able to work on and maintain my mental well-being.

            I am disappointed that this past month was have been away from my friends and boyfriend for so long, but I am happy that I now have more opportunities to better myself as a person, for that I am thankful.

            I know that we will all get through this time of crisis, this will all pass, and everything will get better soon.

            Strangely, I feel that in many ways, this distancing will bring everyone closer together than ever before.

            Someone once said “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is opportunity for growth.”