Crazy Times

Sometimes I sit back and think about how small everything is. In Mr.Kratzman’s Ancient History class we went through 100 years of Roman history in one page. Yet today everything is changing so fast. Did things change less back then, or am I just losing perspective? Probably a bit of both.  

We are living through crazy times. Any future historian will agree.  I started a diary for just that reason. On the first day of my diaries existence, I wrote “Wow, it’s an election year, Donald Trump is president, there are racial protests and riots in the streets, there is a global pandemic, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, and that presidential debate I just watched was insane. Some Democrats are even talking about packing the court with liberal justices and adding two more states to the union so that they won’t lose the Senate again.”  On the second day of my diary’s life, the president caught Covid-19. Things get crazier and crazier.

At the same time, the lives of people our age are also changing.  My grandfather caught and barely recovered from Covid, my grandmother is also in the hospital.  Half the people I know are trying to manage the SAT, extracurriculars, college essays, and homework while also trying to decide where they will go to college, what they will go to college for, and how they will stay healthy. Not to mention the personal and problems in people’s lives.  

We are living in times of change both on a large and small scale. So, if you feel overwhelmed, you’re not the only one.