Buzzfeed is Buzzing

There’s a lot of buzz around Verona High School, and it’s more than just about the prom and Memorial Day weekend plans. As of late, more and more students have used as a way to gain access and knowledge into societal information and cultural developments throughout the world.

Founded in 2006 in New York City as a viral lab by Jonah Peretti, this one time initiative project has blossomed into an award winning news site, covering topics ranging from world politics, reflected in this recent headline: D.C. Lobbyists Targeting Russian Opposition Leader On Behalf Of Sanctioned Oligarch, to fun quizzes, like “Which Classic Jerry Eat World Song are You?”

With no set release schedule, past projects were conducted sporadically and included: this needs clarity attempting to break a beer bottle in half for use as a shiv in a bar fight, citizen journalism investigating a fire on the Manhattan Bridge, and the creation of a giant energy malt liquor drink using a forty ounce beer and a can of Red Bull. According to, BuzzFeed produces an average of 378 posts a day featuring the work of staff reporters, contributors, syndicated cartoon artists, and Community.

The categories one can discover information through are News (world, politics, business, technology, sports, etc.), entertainment, life (animals, food, “do it yourself”, LGBT, etc.), videos, and “more” (quizzes, community forums, etc.).

Senior Madison Misuro, a frequent BuzzFeed reader, says that she enjoys the more light-hearted articles on the site, as they are “just more fun and entertaining and when you read one you can find yourself saying “I definitely relate to this””.

What is becoming increasingly popular on the site and drawing such a large crowd from the young adult audience is the fact that the site offers a variety of articles that shine light on a more sarcastic and realistic viewpoint of society. Unlike traditional news sites that focus on tragedy and hardships, the site takes a more quirky and relatable spin, posting articles such described as “How Many First World Problems Do You Have?” and “37 Life Lessons “Friends” Taught Us.” This should be par. 2

“What is so great about this site is that if provides the reader with the chance to inform him or herself about the world, but it also gives the opportunity for entertainment and leisure reading,” explains Ashley MacMoyle, and avid BuzzFeed visitor.

With an average monthly visitor count reaching over 130 million people, is sure to grow into one of the biggest and widely visited site for young adults all over the world.