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Part Time Disasters

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Whether it’s to raise college funds or to earn cash to stop depending on their parents so heavily, part time jobs for high schoolers common. From babysitting to delivery services, it’s easy for high schoolers to find local jobs.

When we look back on these experiences, it is often the unpleasant or utterly comical aspects of them that stick with us. I work at a diner as a waitress, and one time an older customer basically tricked me into emptying her urine drainage bag, which was a mortifying experience to say the least. So I decided to ask a few Verona seniors some of their best and worst work stories.  Here’s what they recall:

Carleigh Hoimark, an employee of Verona’s Terry’s Pharmacy, attempted to catch a thief in the act. Her boss was vacationing in Florida where he was watching the feed of his surveillance cameras.  When he noticed a man with his hood in the back of the store acting very sketchy, he contacted Carleigh. She told two other employees to keep an eye on them but they failed to, and another employee told her she saw him take a pair of sunglasses and exit the store. Carleigh proceeded to follow after him, telling him she knew he took sunglasses and demanding he give them back when she accused him he claimed he did not understand English, repeating “que” over and over again. She tried to argue with him, but “it sort of went nowhere and then he ran away.”

Anthony Cruz working in the package room at the Claridge Apartments, was once completely cursed out over the phone by a tenant there. She hadn’t gotten her mail, which Anthony tried to explain to her was the fault of the mailman not him.  His explanation was lost on here; she cursed him out anyway and had to bear it.

Meanwhile, it was just another normal night for Bridget Cumming, a hostess at The Horseneck Tavern, when two men at the bar started hitting on a teenage girl there with her parents. The father of the girl proceeded to confront one of two, and the situation quickly got out of hand.  The mother of the girl ended up getting hit in the face and “the next thing you know, six men are involved fighting each other. ” Bridget got involved trying to separate it, and wound up getting pushed up against a wall. Thankfully, her boyfriend’s father who also happened to be there pulled her out of the fight rescuing her.

Delivering for pizzerias is an especially common job among high schoolers, so I asked Nick Lanese what that experiences was like.

Nick, a delivery boy at the Pizza Terminal, once delivered a pie to a nursing home. The woman the pizza was for was so senile, she was utterly convinced he was her grandson and talked to him for half an hour about her life. Through the conversation, his name changed from Marty to Marvin then to Martin, and the employees at the nursing home thought it was so funny they didn’t stop her until after that half an hour. His bosses weren’t happy about it though.

Dan Messineo, who’s lucky enough to have a lucrative country club job, caddies during the season. Once, a man he was caddying for got so drunk, he literally drove the golf cart into the lake. He was so angry he didn’t tip Dan at all.  Or maybe it wasn’t just his anger, but the fact that his wallet sunk in the water with everything else.

Miscellaneous jobs have their troubles as well.

Olivia Lucanie worked at the Verona pool last summer and experienced a skunk infestation. The skunk wandered around until she eventually had babies in the baby pool. They roamed around for days swimming in the pool with the people until they finally called animal control following the violent complaints of a local mom.

Taylor Reed used to babysit a 10 year old girl. When she was picking her up from school one day, the girl asked Taylor if she could hit Taylor in the head with a big textbook she was holding as they were walking back to car. Taylor obviously said no and the kid proceeded to get more and more angry. While they were driving, the girl threw a lunchbox at Taylor’s face and told her she didn’t like her.  Long story short: Taylor no longer babysits her.

These are just a few of the many stories of the grievances of high school part time job holders. While the extra money makes it worth it, sometimes it’s easy to question if it actually is.

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