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Las Vegas Shootings:An Inside Look

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Tragedy swept over the nation this Sunday, September 30, as a gunman opened fire on a large crowd in Las Vegas  during a country-music concert. The shooter was Stephen Paddock, whose motive for the murderous rampage is still unknown.  58 people were killed and more than 500 injured. Paddock was locked in his hotel room, on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, when he began shooting.

Stephen Paddock was known as a gambler and had lived in a retirement community in Mesquite, Nevada.

47 firearms were recovered from two of the shooter’s properties, and his hotel room as well. Las Vegas Police  responded relatively quickly to the call, which was at exactly 10:08 p.m. The firing was ceased at around 10:19 p.m., and between these times the gunman had been firing for around 10 minutes on and off at the crowd.

The shootings have re-started a discussion about gun control and gun laws.    

Senior Kate Stanisci, she believes that “it is not the guns that are the problem, but the people who are using them for malicious reasons.” She believes that guns are needed in America to provide safety for the community as a whole, and that guns should not be illegalized due to this specific incident. Instead, she believes that “even if stricter gun laws were put into place, there would still be criminals finding ways to buy them illegally.”

On the other hand, senior Marwa Elessawy says she is  “ numb to it. The same discourse among advocates of  of stricter gun laws will prevail, while the NRA remain silent to avoid being put under the spotlight and will remain silent until the issue dies down and then continue with their gun-loving advocacy.”  unless the “bump stock” thing can be better explained it probably should be dropped  Marwa feels that  If someone wants a gun because it makes them feel safer, they have that right. But she also feels  that gun ownership needs to have intricate restrictions and limitations, especially in public areas.”

This mass shooting has not only aroused the questions of gun safety and legality, but has led people to assume that guns are raging harm, while others are arguing that guns are needed in society to promote safety.


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Las Vegas Shootings:An Inside Look