Seniors’ New Year’s Resolutions

Many Seniors in Verona High School overlook New Year’s resolutions, but others try very hard to stick to them and look at them throughout the year.

Amber Reed recently had a major injury in basketball where she tore her ACL. She was heartbroken as she will not be able to play in her senior year of basketball and might not be back for softball. Her New Year’s resolution was to work extra hard in physical therapy to have a chance at coming back to play softball and be a part of the team.

Andrew Luehs has big goals in mind for 2018. He wants to be present at the gym every day training for a marathon in the spring.

It is almost impossible to pass Renata Primmer in school and see her without a coffee in her hand. She plans to change that for 2018 and only have coffee two days a week, and not put as much sugar in it. She is training for college softball at Drew University and needs to stay in shape.

Clare O’Farrell has been dreaming to go to Georgetown ever since she was little. Clare made this her New Year’s resolution for 2018, because her grades have improved and this dream and goal may become a reality.

You may think Carly Waterman has a volleyball related New Year’s resolution, but not this year. She has been struggling to understand Statistics, so for 2018 she is going to put more effort into going to see Mr. Cashill after school and get the work in on time.

Julianna Spina’s New Year’s resolution was not just to eat healthier as many others tend to make theirs. Hers was to eat less processed foods and make better choices when it comes to foods with sugar as well. She thinks this will make the difference for her in 2018.

Lastly, CJ Lavery has been feeling that he has not been at church as much as he would like to, so he will be trying very hard to grow in his faith and build a closer relationship with God.

Everyone knows our seniors also have to worry about getting into college and getting the best scholarship available to them, but it’s clearly not the only thing they are focused on.