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Before They Were Teachers

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You know your teachers as… your teachers. They come to school, educate you, and that’s it. You have good relationships with some and not so good relationships with others. But one thing you might not have realized is that some teachers had entirely different jobs before they became your teacher.

We all know Mr. Scott as a tenth grade chemistry teacher, but you might be surprised to learn that he was actually a synthetic organic medicinal chemist for twelve years before becoming a teacher.

When he was a chemist, he worked on “inventing treatments for diseases including cancer and type 2 diabetes.”

Mr. Scott became an inventor and author on fourteen different patents and helped to create computer models that would help to work with compounds on computers.

He says that there is something exciting about working with compounds and realizing, “”this compound has never existed in the history of the world, and I not only made it, but I planned it and made it with the purpose of making people’s lives better.”

With this background in chemistry, he decided to share his wealth of knowledge with students and venture into the field of education.

Mr. Cashill is an Algebra I and AP Statistics teacher who has been teaching for 15 years. Although he is a veteran compared to some, he admits he “still feels like a newbie”.

This “newbie” feeling could come from his previous career of working for Exxon.

Mr. Cashill graduated from Virginia Tech and started this career at Exxon shortly after, working there for 34 years.

This career took him to live in New Jersey, New York, and even Saudi Arabia.

       After taking an early retirement he decided to go into the teaching world,working for Plainfield High School in Plainfield, New Jersey, and then Verona High School shortly after.

But when talking about his dream job he says, “If I could I would love to sing and dance and act in a Broadway show!”

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Before They Were Teachers