A Christmas Movie Right in your Hometown


When thinking of Christmas, the typical picture that comes to mind is the jubilant small town, full of white snow and everyone gathering in each other’s warm homes. The bright Christmas tree stands in the center of town, inviting everyone to come and gather around it. We see it in the movies, and it becomes even more magical when we get to see this beauty of Christmas in our own home town.

It all starts with the soaring Christmas tree that just about skims the clouds in the sky outside of H.B. Whitehorne Middle School, the center of our town, Verona.  One of the most cherished traditions in Verona is the annual tree lighting in the center of town, following a day full of hot chocolate and festivities at Fair in the Square. On the weekend of December 8, outside of the middle school are numerous tents and food trucks filled with anything you could imagine. It is the perfect place to grab a cup of steaming, chocolatey heaven, and shop for Christmas gifts for anyone from your dog to your great aunt. After hours spent at the fair, you get to end your holiday spree with seeing the breathtaking tree light up the night in hundreds of colored lights. With everyone in town gathered around to see the tree lighting, you are reminded of what Christmas is truly about: being surrounded by those you love.

Another big part of a Verona Christmas is the famous, but only known by locals, Christmas tree farm. In need of some decorations to spruce up the living room? Or a tree for Santa to place the presents under? Whether you want a big, small, fat, short, tall, or skinny tree, they’ve got it. 

On December 16, when you hear those fire truck sirens, go out front and claim your candy canes! Every year Santa makes an appearance on our town’s fire trucks to hand out candy canes to anyone who comes out to say hello. Donations are never expected, but are always greatly appreciated and can be given to help support the Verona Fire Department. Christmas is the season of giving, so why not give a little to make a big difference? It is the smile on people’s faces that makes the act of giving such a wonderful thing. Nothing makes the holidays sweeter than candy canes and seeing the friendly interactions amongst all of those around us.

Last but not least, take a look around our local shops. In the spirit of giving, Verona sponsors a foundation known as “The Wishing Tree.” Found at local places such as Jazzercise, Nail Art 2, and Pilgrim Diner, you will find a mini Christmas tree filled with ornaments. However, these aren’t just any ornaments. They are the wishes of those less fortunate than we are. Whether it be a new doll or a sweatshirt to keep warm in the winter, these people have all sorts of gift wishes for this Christmas. Many of the wishes come from parents who can’t afford to put presents underneath the tree. When you see the wishing tree, you can take one of the ornaments, and fulfill that family’s wishes by buying whatever items they had listed. The gifts get sent directly to them, and you are left with a great feeling, knowing you made their Christmas. 

Verona is truly a town straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie. You can feel the Christmas spirit running throughout each person who lives here, and can see it through the various activities and places set up with in the town. Christmas is the best time of year, and there is no better way to spend it than with in our beautiful small town.