DECA Students Experience the Business World


When trying to figure out what they want to major in when they go to college, many high school students find themselves confused and worried that they will not find their fit. DECA, a business club run by Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Salisbury, is trying to change that worried feeling that students sometimes feel by putting students in a business setting to see if they can thrive in it.

DECA is a non-profit career and technical student organization that puts students into a real business environment to get them ready for what they might want to do. Recently, Verona High School students attended the first DECA competition of the year at Kean University. At Kean University, students were given the opportunity to test out what a real business meeting would be like, trying to prove to their “boss” (adult volunteer) that their idea for whatever part of business they were in was the best. DECA offers many different types of business to compete in such as Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Financial Services Team Decision, and Principles of Marketing.

When asked about the advantages DECA gives to students, Mrs. Salisbury says, “there are rare times when students can have a professional conversion with adults” and that “it’s a good opportunity to try it out.” By students being able to get exposure to the business world, students are able to decide whether or not this is the right place for them, and it can help them to be more ready to face the real world.

A DECA competitor and VHS junior Maggie Gorman says that, “As a student interested in having a career in business, I feel like DECA is a great experience and it will really prepare me for the future.” When asked about the trip to Kean University, Maggie says, “it helped to prepare me for what business is really going to be like.”

DECA is a good experience for students to get involved in that can help them to be more prepared for the future in business.