It’s Not Required Reading This Time- It’s the Fall Play

For most people, Autumn is about everything from pumpkins to crazy costumes, but for the Verona High School actors, actresses, and crew members, Autumn is about the Fall Play. This year’s Fall Play is a bit different than those of the past. Mr. Munoz, Verona High School’s Stage Director, has made a bold choice for this year’s play. He has not only chosen to challenge himself but he has made the choice to challenge the actors and the audience by choosing a play written by none other than William Shakespeare. A Comedy of Errors will be coming to Verona High School- the first Shakespeare play here in a very long time. 

If one was to ask the cast and crew of the show what they thought about this year’s choice they would answer with a few main points. Primarily, doing a Shakespeare play demands a lot of the actors. Unlike normal scripts, one cannot memorize the lines simply based on how common language would work in a situation. When working with Shakespeare, something one would normally say is put backwards and is enhanced with strange words and complex language. Despite this, the actors have found the lines to be profound, well-written, and funny (yes, Shakespeare is funny). However, there is also a challenge in showing people the same of Shakespeare that the actors see in him. Because the actors have read their lines over 200 times, they fully understand what good old William was trying to say- and generally, they have found him quite hilarious. The biggest challenge lies in being able to convey the genius aspects of William Shakespeare to an audience. But, is an audience even capable of understanding and even laughing at Shakespeare without reading the lines 200 times? 

Yes. Very much yes. According to Leah Pandian, a Verona High School senior, “The actual written play is interesting and funny…but loses its humor. When we saw the play [on stage] I was doubled over laughing”. Leah saw a Wiliam Shakespeare comedy on stage in London this past summer. As she said, he is not the same on paper as he is on stage. 

The Fall Play is going to be one that is funny, entertaining, and family-oriented. The Fall Play will be on stage November 14, 15, and 16. Come see A Comedy of Errors this November to ring in fall and welcome Autumn in a hilarious and profound way.