B.L.A.C.K in Verona

Last school year, then-senior Tawanna Brown spoke with Ms. DeSilva and Mr. Scott, in hopes to create a safe space for black students who can learn more about their culture and how they are able to flourish despite setbacks in society. Both were more than willing to aid in this new project and were all-in when it came to the establishment of this new club in our school. The acronym in the club’s name B.L.A.C.K. stands for Beauty, Longevity, Acceptance, Creativity, and Knowledge.

After Tawanna graduated last year, I ended up rising into the club presidency as I was its co-founder.  As the year progressed, we were able to gain more interest and now have Mr. Harris as the club’s adviser.   Meetings are during lunch in Mr. Harris’ classroom.  Interested students can find out more information about the club in the Google Classroom that has been created. Mr. Harris and I are more than happy to share the classroom code if anyone is interested in joining. 

Although our Instagram page has already been receiving some backlash, it is nothing that our community has not seen before. While creating this club we were aware of what could possibly come out of having an inclusive space where people would feel comfortable enough to talk about race and the struggles that come with it. With spaces as such, VHS will continue this legacy in an attempt to make those who sometimes feel like outsiders become one with their peers.

Instagram: @Blackinverona

Mr Harris’ Classroom: Room 21