Instagram Does More Than You Think It Does

Instagram, a popular social media platform, is more than just connecting with friends and family. It can be used to make money, grow a business, and help others. 

The app, founded in 2010, was originally created to display photos and videos with your community. Today, there are about 1.3 billion active users. This large number creates a platform for many opportunities, such as spreading awareness and creating positive change. Users can also build strong connections with others, and some of those connections can be used later on in life, such as a referral for a job. 

Many people do not know about the opportunities available on Instagram. 

Megan Wynne, a VHS sophomore, is not an Instagram user. Based on what she has heard from her friends who have Instagram she holds the common perception that “Instagram is used for posting pictures of your life, and looking at what other people post.”

As an active Instagram user, I have been able to enhance my daily life through various opportunities the app has provided. For example, I have been able to raise money for others, as well as earn an income for myself. 

Through the app Dscout, which was founded in 2011, you can get paid by Instagram. Dscout is an app where companies pay for users to participate in research studies. Instagram is a client of Dscout, and  pays users to review their app. There are various mission types, such as diary missions and live missions.

In diary missions, users submit text, photo, and video responses to questions. In a live mission, users join a call with a researcher, and answer the questions live, in a recorded setting. Users apply for each mission, and the best applicants are chosen to participate and receive compensation.

The Instagram company posts many social media related missions weekly and provides various opportunities.

I have been paid over $1,600 for completing 14 missions from Instagram in only a few months. I have participated in both diary and live missions, and given my opinion on various Instagram features, such as stories, DM’s, and feeds. I have also been able to test new features as prototypes and give suggestions. 

This is a great opportunity from Instagram as I can connect with new people, learn about how social media features are created, learn about the research process, and receive money. 

“That’s a lot more than I thought, I didn’t know you could make so much money on the app,” Megan said, after being told how much money I had made.

In addition to making money for yourself through Instagram, you can also raise money to help others. A large user population correlates with a large audience able to react to your posts. 

As a social media director for Aid2Day, a children’s cancer official 501(c)3 non-profit organization, I spread the word on Instagram. I can help raise money for this amazing cause by posting the events and fundraisers. Without Instagram, none of our events would have done well, which would have left many underprivileged children. 

Many organizations raise money and awareness for important causes through the app,  which creates an impact on many. Instagram provides a great platform to create change. 

In addition to chance, Instagram creates a supportive and inspiring environment. Accounts, such as Teen Boss Babes, help their community grow in their specific niche. As a past social media manager for TBB, I helped inspire thousands of teen entrepreneurs through TBB content. 

Accounts on Instagram can inspire the younger generations, which makes it more than just another app. 

In addition, I am also an engagement manager for a fellow dancer, Addie Leibowitz. I build likes, comments, saves, and shares on her posts, which helps her gain brand ambassadorships and brand collaborations. 

When you are an ambassador, you represent a brand and support their company. A few perks are usually free and discounted products, and modeling for that brand. In a brand collaboration, you can get paid to post content with that product. 

I am able to help her also use Instagram for more than one purpose, in her case, building brand relationships, gaining community support, growing her influencer name, and using her account to show her journey as a dancer. 

Most people do not know that influencers can make a great deal of money from Instagram. 

“I think mainly famous influencers, such as the Kardashians, can make money from Instagram. I would guess $1,000 a month,” Megan says. 

Kylie Jenner, a Kardashian, makes over $986,000 per Instagram post. Kim Kardashian makes around $858,000 per post. 

“I am surprised that Instagram can be more than just social media. I thought it was only used to view other people’s lives, and not to be able to be used for your own profit,” Megan remarked. 

 So, the next time you open the Instagram app, think of all the ways you could be using it as more than just another social media app.