What The Next Decade and a Half Might Hold…

It’s that time of year again. College decision letters, commitments, finding roommates and more. So, what are seniors really thinking? What are their goals that they’re trying to accomplish? Where do they want to be in five, ten, even 15 years?  Here’s what four VHS seniors had to say to these very questions.

Lauren Tracey is committed to attend Marist College in New York. She plans on majoring in TV/film production. 

“I’ve always loved the behind the scenes of shows, since I was little, and I have been interested in what goes on in producing a movie and show” she said. Her goal is to become successful in producing movies and tv shows. In five years she wants to have a starter job before finding the job and place she will settle at for a long time. In ten years she says she wants to be working on movie and tv show sets as well as helping to edit with the set design or general editing. Finally, in 15 years she wants to be married with at least one kid, while still working at her dream job.

“I have always wanted a family, and it would be amazing to have my dream job at the same time,” she said. She continued on to say she hopes to be living in a suburban town and still being at the same job she decided to settle at.

Emma Triggiano committed t0 James Madison University in Virginia where she plans on majoring in communication sciences and disorders. 

“I want to work with children and that’s what my mom does, so it’s part of the reason why I picked it” Emma says about picking her major and being inspired by her mom. Her goal is to be a speech therapist. In five years, she would like to be working on getting her masters degree. In ten years, she aims to have a steady job and have a nice house or apartment. Finally, in 15 years, she hopes to be married or engaged. She says maybe with children if she is married, but with a stable job.

Aidan Bermeo is headed south to Clemson, where he will be majoring in business. 

“Business is a versatile degree and it is useful and applicable for many jobs,” Aidan says about his choice of major. He says that in five years he wants to be close to getting his MBA and cementing himself at a company with an internship. In ten years, he wants to be in a higher position at the company he is working at. He would like to be at management or officer level. Finally, in 15 years he would like to be making a passive income through investment and real estate. He says he would eventually like to keep his day job so he can eventually become financially free.

Nick Jacobsen, will be a Finance major at the University of Delaware.

“I like money, business, and problem solving in math” he said when asked why he chose this major. His goal is to work on Wall Street and be successful in the financial field. In five years, he hopes to be getting a job in NY for a big financial firm, or anywhere to start out. In ten years, he hopes to be at a bigger firm, hopefully in middle management. In addition, he wants to be married with his first kid. Finally, in 15 years he hopes to be a manager or a VP at his firm. At this point, he wants to be settled down in a nice house in a nice town with his wife and two kids. 

As I asked each senior each question about where they wanted to be in 5,10 and 25 years, they all shared a common response. Each one told me, “that’s a tough question I don’t even know” and went on to talk about where they hoped to be. High school is full of uncertainty, and so is college. But now every senior is looking past high school to where their life will take them in five, ten and 15 years and are excited for the next steps.