Internships and Volunteering Made Easy

Internships and Volunteering Made Easy

Have you ever wanted to volunteer or do an internship but didn’t know where to begin?

Internships and volunteering are excellent ways to build a resume, meet new people, and give back to the community. They can be tough to find, and sometimes even more difficult to apply for, but here are a few great resources where you can find them.

  1. Interns4Good – virtual volunteer/internships with nonprofit organizations in exchange for service hours. There are numerous possibilities available, and they are all for a good cause. This would look fantastic on a high school transcript. You apply to join the network and then apply directly for the positions you want. There are frequently many open positions, so you have a strong chance of being chosen.
  2. CollegeVine- a website that shares the top internships for high school students that look great on a resume. They share a description of the opportunity, and share the link. These opportunities are usually top-tier, so they are harder to get into. They also share volunteer opportunities like clubs to join, projects you can start, and event opportunities.
  3. CollegeTransitions- a website that shares various opportunities for different ages in a chart form. It includes the organization’s name, the type of the opportunity, the minimum volunteer age, and whether it is in-person or online. They do not provide links, so after deciding on an organization, you must google it yourself. They feature popular companies and organizations like YMCA and Feeding America.
  4. – shares various causes and campaigns. They also have an article with various other opportunities to volunteer for organizations, linked above. They help connect students to volunteering opportunities based on their location.
  5. Internmee- shares internship opportunities for various organizations and nonprofits. It has a wide variety of roles that can fit everyone’s interests. Some organizations are global, so you need to keep timezones in mind for interviews if you are chosen.
  6. VolunteerMatch- shares both in-person and online volunteer opportunities. You can filter openings by location, cause, skills, and more. There is a wide variety of fulfilling positions. Some positions are looking for adults, but teens can still apply. 
  7. YouUnited- provides volunteer, internship, competition/award and scholarship opportunities. They also provide study materials. They share what companies are looking for students, and the links of where to apply and find more information.


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