Key Club Looks to Help

These past two years have been crazy for everyone. For some it was just adjusting to the new norm of things, but for others some devastating things have happened. This could have been people who were directly affected by Covid-19, or people who got hurt financially as a result of a global pandemic. With all of this devastation, everyone is seeking help in some way or another.

This is why now more than ever the Key Club is such a great opportunity for students. Key Club is a service organization that offers the opportunity for students to get involved and help those in need through donations, fundraising, and volunteer hours. This can include a toy drive during the holiday months, clothing drive, or fundraising for breast cancer in October. All of these things count as community service hours if you need them for a National Honor Society as well.

This year the Key Club leaders are trying to incorporate a lot of fun ways to help the community around us. We are looking forward to helping local organizations like Our Lady of the Lake Church, Minette’s Angels, and many more.  We aim to have a meeting once a month during lunch time to discuss what we want to achieve that month. Last year, Key Club was kind of put on hold due to remote school, so we are really trying to make it come alive this year. Each month we want to help one organization or business nearby that is in need. We believe that helping a different organization each month would be very beneficial for our club and community. Should you know of an organization or a need in our community, please feel free to reach out to a member of the VHS Key Club. It is our mission to work towards a better tomorrow.

A simple act of kindness can go a long way.