Green Brown Vibes But No Mayo

You may have heard of Daphne Glatter, a Verona High School 2021 graduate, but let me introduce you to her younger sister, Eliza Glatter. She is a freshman at VHS, and someone with many diverse attributes. She is a member of the VHS Color Guard and has been dancing her whole life. 

She often gets compared to her sister, or is referred to as “Little Daphne,” but she believes that their personalities are quite different, and strives to be unique in her own way. She has continued to form her own identity as she has entered high school.

While her sister Daphne participated in band during high school, Eliza has taken up more interest in Color Guard, or the visual art combined with the marching band. Her love of music and performance arts has shaped who she has become today in a completely unique way. She was a part of the dance group within the Color Guard this past year and loved it:

“I really liked being able to combine my two passions; dance and color guard together, for the dance portion of the show this year”. 

Although Color Guard is a more visual form of artistic expression, she also has a love for music. Taylor Swift is her favorite singer and person to listen to. She believes that “Taylor Swift is someone you can listen to at any time, while feeling any type of emotion, and that makes me appreciate her artistry so much more.”

            Her favorite place to eat is Chit Chat Diner, and she frequents the restaurant with friends. You can always find her eating fries or drinking a milkshake. She is commonly found at Dunkin, or going for long walks around Montclair. Even though she does not have a license, she enjoys going to new places and experimenting with new foods and experiences. She does not limit herself to things that she knows, and instead focuses on things that she is unfamiliar with. 

             She says the colors or “vibes” that she emulates are definitely green and brown. She loves to shop at Urban Outfitters and Pacsun. She won’t ever be seen without her signature green purse. 

            Her sister is very smart, and Eliza is no different. She challenges herself with many impressive classes, and prides herself in taking many honors and AP classes. Her least favorite class is Honors Geometry, but she enjoys AP World immensely. Eliza always helps others with their work when she can, and she is on track to achieve many things academically. 

            She is someone who radiates positivity and is antsy to try new things, unless those “new things” include mayo because she thinks mayo is gross. These are the things that make Eliza, Eliza. She is witty, smart, full of laughter, and vastly energetic. Most importantly, these things have allowed her to become successful in her journey towards individuality and finding herself.