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Keep the Christ in Christmas—And the Cash

Alex Karpinski, Reporter

December 12, 2012

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year; Christmas decorations are hung, festive music starts playing on the radio, and kids are writing their letters to Santa Claus. But wait-- it’s only October! It seems every year that...

I Am Number 80,966,932,015

Amanda Langan, Editor-in-Chief

November 26, 2012

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7,083,158,343 billion people live on our planet. Let me put that unfathomable number in perspective for you. It would take 200 years to count to 7 billion out loud, and 7 billion steps would take you around the Earth 133 times. Overpopulation...


John Motley, Reporter

November 15, 2012

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Lance Armstrong was one of the most inspirational athletes in any sport and in any country. He beat cancer and then came back to win seven consecutive Tour de France titles.  He established the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and...

What Actually Makes Halloween Scary…

Cassidy Chait, Reporter

November 12, 2012

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What is Halloween? A holiday to celebrate children dressing up as something they aren’t? A holiday based upon scaring people and eating excessive amounts of candy? For decades people have been celebrating Halloween. People...

Mirror, Mirror Off the Wall

Lynn Keating

November 8, 2012

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Your alarm goes off. It’s picture day, the most dreaded day of the year. Ever since class pictures were taken, students always seem to get worked up with how the shot will turn out. Boy, girl, freshman, senior, it doesn’t...

Be a Vegan, Not a Pig

Amanda Langan

October 22, 2012

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Deformed chickens, genetically altered sheep, and tortured cows. Vegans may have a point after all. More competitive than any sports game, it seems that the war between vegans and the food industry has gained more publicity...

You’re Probably Not Reading This

Amelia Weiss

June 14, 2012

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Is anyone out there? Is anyone reading this? Probably not. I am most likely talking to myself right now, and the only people that will read this will be Mr. White, my newspaper adviser, and an editor of this online newspaper. ...

If You Can Serve the Country, You Can Be Served

Colleen Carr, Editor

June 5, 2012

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To become a man in the Amazon’s Satere Mawe tribe, boys as young as twelve must wear gloves filled with stinging bullet ants. These ants rightfully deserve their name as a sting from one of them is thirty times more painful...

Fast Food? More Like Fat Food

Elena Pelse

June 5, 2012

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How do you imagine a hamburger looking after 12 years? Covered in mold? Emitting a repulsive odor? Well if your hamburger happens to be from McDonald’s, then it will look nearly identical to a fresh one. Wellness educator...

#Revolution Will Not Be Trending

Jordan Bronson

June 4, 2012

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With goofy hashtags, and trending topics about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, or the latest antics of Charlie Sheen, Twitter may not seem like the most serious of all social networking sites, or one that can bring about...

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