10 Problems You Face While Trying to Survive Allergy Season

  1. After a long winter, most can’t wait for it to get warm… but you’re dreading it.
  1. Nonstop sneezing, itchy throat, coughing.. this must be just a cold that will go away in a week, right ?!  Nope, just allergies.
  1. The addition of 10 minutes into your morning routine because of all the medication and nasal sprays.
  1. Stooping to the low level of using a Neti Pot .. and immediately regret it.
  1. Your beautiful white car is now an ugly mucus green color due to it being completely covered in pollen.
  1. Deciding whether you want to leave the windows closed and sweat, or open the windows and almost die of sneezing.
  1. Finally giving in to the heavy-duty allergy medicine… and then accidentally sleeping for 13 hours.
  1. Completely forgetting what it was like to have a nose that isn’t stuffy.
  1. Trying to suck it up and appreciate spring like everyone else
  1. And last but definitely not least.. not only will you feel like total crap, you’ll look like it too.