10 Things to Do During Study Lunch

    1. Eat at Chipotle.  During a normal lunch period, many senior students long for a Chipotle burrito but do not have enough time to get there.  Study lunch is the perfect opportunity to travel over to Caldwell to fulfill one’s burrito needs.
    2. Take a nap.  After a long morning of hard classes, a nap is the perfect way to prepare for the afternoon.  Study lunch lasts two hours, which is the perfect amount of time for a long nap.  
    3. Hangout at Starbucks.  During study lunch break, there is plenty of time to have coffee with friends! That is, of course, if you have study hall block with your friends.
    4. Go to the Willowbrook mall. Having study lunch is a great opportunity to go to the mall, eat at the food court, and do some shopping. 
    5. Eat at Panera. Like Chipotle, Panera is too far to travel to during a regular lunch block. It is a perfect lunch spot with two hours off from school. 
    6. Go to the gym.  Many students have tight schedules outside of school. So if there is no time to go to the gym after school, why not go during school? 
    7. Do homework.  Having study lunch allows two hours to get homework done.  That means two less hours of homework to do at home! 
    8. Take a shower.  If you feel like sleeping in, postpone your morning shower to happen during study lunch.
    9. Watch a Movie. A cheap and enjoyable way to spend a long lunch is to go home and watch a movie. 
    10. Eat at a Hibachi restaurant.  Although ambitious, going to a hibachi restaurant during study lunch is a great way to spend time with friends.