10 Things People From Big Families Know

  1. You’re always late for everything → Getting a large sum of people from the front door to the car takes a megaphone and an hour’s notice.
  2. Family reunions must take place in a grand hall → There will be a minimum of 100 people there and there is a very slim chance you will know more than 30 of them.
  3. You’ll answer to anything  → You’ve been called your brother’s name, sister’s, cousin’s, even Grandma and Grandpa’s dog… and you’ve definitely responded.
  4. You don’t know what an “inside voice” is → “Quiet” is not a word that your family understands. Even if you’re talking to the person across the table, you better yell at the top of your lungs!
  5. Family road trips look like a circus → you can squeeze six people, suitcases, and dogs into any vehicle. 
  6. You buy in bulk → Most people buy one package of paper towels at a time, but your family goes to Costco and gets the extra large packages, three at a time.
  7. Clothes run through a constant cycle → From you to a sibling to a cousin to another cousin to a younger sister to another cousin and so on and so forth.
  8. Long showers are a rare gift → When six people have to shower before 7 a.m. every morning, you don’t get to perform the whole album, only the top single – or somebody gets cold water!
  9. Group pictures take three to ten times to get it right → There is always somebody with their eyes closed, or not looking, or sneezing.  And if none of those happen, there’s still your little brother giving your cousin bunny ears…
  10. There is an endless amount of love to go around → From “immediate” family to second cousins, great aunts, and friends turned family members, there will always be somebody there to catch you if you fall.