Illegal Bee Scare in Local Classroom

This past Thursday an unexpected bee was found in Room 49 at Verona High School. The suspected bee, age unknown, had reportedly been in the room for over five minutes before being noticed. The suspect has been known to have entered classrooms uninvited before. Despite doing no harm, the unexpected bee was detained in the Courtyard following the provocation of students. 

Because of worries following the Tuesday Photography class accident involving hornets, many students ran for their lives, fearing they would be its next victim. Camera footage has been deleted from the event as it has been rumored some students tried to kill the bee. Mr. White, teacher of Room 49, commented “They bring fear, they bring stingers, they bring distraction… I’m closing the windows.”  Many of the largest bee-fearing students agreed with Mr. White, arguing that regardless of whether or not they mean harm, the bees are dangerous. However, some extremists have suggested that the presence of bees, unexpected or expected, adds to the classroom setting, providing a distraction from the content of boring classes. These students intend to never close the windows. 

Many students have argued for the windows to remain open so the bees feel welcomed. These same students typically like the windows open in the winter as well, arguing it keeps fresh air in the classroom. The other side, those in favor of Mr. White, want the windows permanently closed. They have argued that even in the early spring, when the bee populations are still rather low, the threat of being stung is too high and that bees do not know how to behave properly in a classroom. 

As of now, the unexpected bee suspected of being in Room 49 is being detained in the courtyard. He reportedly does not know where his family is. However, because he is such a threat, there is no sign of release until at least Tuesday.  Authorities are trying to prevent him from contacting hornets or cockroaches. 

There will be more to come on the bee crisis as more action is taken with the closing of the windows.