Mr. Harris Returns from Health Scare


After being shocked to find out he had suffered a heart attack, students were devastated to know that one of their favorite teachers would not be back in school for a while.

While having to teach from home, science teacher Casey Harris kept his spirits high as he continued to make an effort to get back to school as soon as possible. When he was not cleared to be in the building yet, Mr. Harris taught classes virtually in order to keep the students on track and to be able to at least see them virtually for the time being. 

On Mr. Harris’ first day back to school, he told his whole story and allowed for students to ask questions about it as well. This allowed students to feel valued and important because Mr. Harris feels free to speak on such a personal subject with us and give us the floor to be curious.

Mr. Harris has impacted many and senior Ella Moore said what all of his students were thinking:  “I think it’s really great that he is back in class and healthy. I believe that all of us were very scared and worried when we got the news from him. We were all taken back because he is one of the best teachers this school has. I am just glad he is back to class healthy and just like his old self again.”

Although it turned out to be a relatively short absence for such a serious health issue, the student body can definitely say that Mr. Harris’s absence did not go unnoticed. Not only to students but also to staff, Mr. Harris is a vital part of our school and this experience made us all realize how lucky we are to have such a great  teacher back and healthy at VHS.