VHS Welcomes New Science Teacher

There has been a lot of change in the science department here at VHS from last year to this year.

One of the new faces belongs to Corey Fineman. Mr. Fineman, previously at  Alexander Hamilton Preparatory Academy in Elizabeth, NJ took the place of Jon-Eric Burgess as the physics and the environmental science teacher.

While attending Scotch Plains High as a student, he discovered that he enjoyed physics and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting). While he was at Rutgers he majored in mechanical and aerospace engineering and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science and a concentration in Alternative Energy Systems.

With that strong science background, Mr. Fineman went into the engineering industry. He worked with Hatch Mott MacDonald in Jersey City. But after just two years from taking the job, Mr. Fineman discovered his true passion.


Mr. Fineman helped tutor students in math, physics, and SAT/ACT Prep.

For Mr. Fineman, adjusting to VHS from Alexander Hamilton was “somewhat easy. ” He says he faced some tough challenges there, but only has occasional issues here at VHS. He enjoys being part of the VHS family. He also said that working in such a close-knit community has many advantages. Everyone in town is involved with the music program and athletics. He is very happy that the VHS community has welcomed him with open arms.

And what are the interests of Mr. Fineman? Well one thing that stood out was when he described his pet hedgehog, Juniper. He acquired this unusual pet when “I was in college and one of my buddies had one. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Turns out my friend had enough of it so I picked up the little girl.” Mr. Fineman also has two black cats named Midnight and Franklin.

Mr. Fineman who described himself as “very into computer games” also talked about his Twitter account, @FinemanPhysics which he uses to give students updates. As for the video games, he says he is not really for the games about competing against one another, but for the ones about working together as a team to achieve a common goal.

As to musical tastes he says he is “more of the rock type, but if it has a funky sound, I will be sure to listen to it.” Reality TV is absolutely a no-no for him. He dislikes all of the fake drama created.

His advice to his students: “make the right decisions in high school and just enjoy your time here.”