Seniors Prepare for Capstone

The last month of senior year is traditionally filled with watching movies, doing group projects, and filming the senior video, but now from May 18th-June 18th, VHS seniors will become interns. Seniors have the opportunity to participate in the “Capstone” program where they can shadow professionals in the fields in which they plan to study,

Mrs. Salisbury, the coordinator of senior Capstone, says that Capstone “allows Verona High School seniors to take the last four weeks of the school year and complete a minimum of 20 hours per week at an internship in the area of their choice.”

The Capstone program has grown exponentially since its inception a few years ago.  This year the majority of seniors will be participating. Most senior classes will be empty after AP exams are over (when Capstone starts). Some seniors already know where they plan to intern, while others are still figuring it out. 

Senior Izzie Buneo says, “For Capstone, I’m interning with the school psychologist at Laning. I’m going to be working with her to do different kinds of evaluations and just observe how she works with kids on the daily. I’m going to study psychology and will likely pursue adolescent psychology, so I think it’ll be really interesting to experience one of the possible career paths I could one day take.”

Other seniors are not quite sure what they want to pursue as a career, so they are just trying something new. Many students are shadowing Verona teachers. Brooke Wagner is going to be working with Ms. Sciacchitano in the digital department at VHS because she enjoyed her classes so much during high school.

Meg Evans, on the other hand, is “capstoning” in a field she is interested in pursuing as a career. Meg said, “I’m working at my dance studio, managing payments and the finances there. I’m likely going to major in finance or some type of business so it will be a good experience learning how the financial side of a business works.”

All in all, seniors’ Capstone plans are wide-ranging and should provide them with an interesting experience come May.