Spotlight Players Present the One-Act Festival

The Spotlight Players’ One-Act Festival, will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2019.  The One-Act Festival is different from the fall play and the winter musical in that the night is completely for the students, meaning that not only are students acting, they are also directing the shows that are performed.

Right after the winter musical, students are encouraged to submit a one-act play, either found online or written by the students. A handful of these students are then picked to direct the show of their choosing. With this role, the student directors also cast the show, develop the scenes, and work with their student cast totally on their own.

Along with giving the student directors a new experience, student actors are also provided with a less stressful experience because every student who wants to is allowed to perform in the the One-Act Festival, is allowed to say whether or not they choose to be in more than one show, and can ask to have as few lines as they want.

The student directors find the experience rewarding and as a way to learn how to fully create something on their own without being told what to do. One of the student directors, Maggie Gorman says that, “being a director was a daunting task to take on since you are the one making the decisions. But despite this, being a director has taught me many great leadership skills like being understanding, but also being able to speak up if someone isn’t doing what they were told. In all, it was a super fun experience and I learned so much from it.”

The experience is not only a fun one for the directors, but the actors too. Actor Abigail Bermeo says that, “One Acts is an opportunity for actors to express themselves in a more casual and fun way. The shows are really funny and fun, and all are welcome. My favorite part of the year.”

Come see all of the work that has been put into these shows and support the One Act Festival!