Hallway Style: Mira Braneck



In this final installment of the 2014-2015 Hallway Style fashion profiles, it would be absolutely ignorant to disregard the unique style of VHS senior Mira Braneck. Not only is she a dedicated student, the editor of the Avant Garde literary magazine, and editor in chief of the Fairviewer, anybody who has passed her in the halls knows that Mira is a VHS style icon.

Her fierce independence, appreciation for originality, and genuine character are perfectly represented through her extensive wardrobe, that consists of a variety of colors, textures, and patterns.

On this surprisingly cool June day, Mira flawlessly pairs her slate grey denim jeans with brown suede lace up boots, a simple black top, and a classic blue denim jacket (with the collar popped, of course). Her school essentials are carried in a timeless black leather shoulder bag, an absolute staple piece in her collection of clothes and accessories.

While this particular look consists of mainly cool, darker colors, it is not surprising to find Mira in her bright yellow rain jacket, or bold red bandanna. Her inspirations for her outfits include Tobias Funke from the TV series Arrested Development, a New England fisherman, and Lorelei Gilmore of Gilmore Girls.

Describing her style as “impromptu,” with no specific guidelines as to what kinds of pieces she shops for, Mira can be found shopping at the hospice store in Montclair, Unique, a thrift store located in Union, and Uniqlo, which recently opened a new store at the Willowbrook Mall last September.

While she does not have plans necessarily to become a part of the fashion industry, her post-VHS plans are just as interesting as her fashion sense. This August, Mira will be boarding a plane to Iowa where she will attend Grinnell College, where she will pursue a college degree and two of her passions: writing and playing frisbee. Although she never envisioned herself moving to Iowa for school when she was younger, she could not be more excited.

One day she hopes to move to the Northwest and edit books for a living, though she will always keep the Fairviewer in her heart.