Getting to Know Your Vice-Principal



You probably see him smiling in the hallway or know him as the rule enforcer, but what else do you really know about him?

As it turns out, new assistant principal Tom Lancaster grew up not too far from Verona, in Rutherford, New Jersey.After graduating from Rutherford High School, he went on to join the Marine Corps for four years, having been stationed in North Carolina. After this experience, he enrolled at Montclair State University for four years. Following his time at MSU, Lancaster proceeded to become a pirate at Seton Hall University, where he earned his Master’s degree. Post-graduation, Lancaster went on to become an English Teacher at West Essex High School and continued there for twelve years, prior to becoming our Vice Principal.  

When asked about his future plans for our school, he had a lot in mind. Among many things, he would love to see 3D printers in VHS, along with the addition of more computer-based classes. Lancaster believes these types of courses are beneficial for students and their future, considering computers are such a large part of our world.

Not only does he believe computer classes would benefit students but he also thinks the new rules are also greatly helping our school as a whole.  With the newly instituted late policy fewer students are showing up late every day; this is something that Mr. Lancaster loves to see.  “Students coming to class on time allows our staff to start teaching on time which leads to more learning.” Lancaster recognizes that students want to learn and explains these new rules are being enforced to encourage students to work towards their goals. He clarifies that these new rules are all about grasping opportunity- opportunity that was lost during prior years due to students strolling in late with iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts in hand.

Although many changes are occurring at Verona High School, there is one thing that never changes: tradition. And this is one of Mr. Lancaster’s favorite features about Verona’s family-like community. He loves to see the close-knit family structure that our town has always had, making him a perfect fit.