Fashionista On the Run

You may know VHS senior Eileen Scandiffio as a “fashionista,” but that is just part of her uniqueness.

She has a style that really can’t compare to anybody in Verona High School. “I started dressing and creating my own fashion style and a way to make me feel more confident in myself,” she says.  “Wearing my own style makes me feel beautiful.”

Her originality, and character is expressed through her unique wardrobe and you can see it in her choices of intricate clothing and essential accessories. Ever since she was younger, she has “thrifted,” going from store to store finding cheap deals that will match with her style. “When I go shopping, I look for pieces that I can buy that won’t go out of style. I would describe my style as classic.” She says she wear what makes her feel content and does care what other people think of her choices.

Eileen’s fashion interest goes beyond her own wardrobe. Right now, she is working in the Willowbrook Mall at J- Crew, a high end retail store, and is one of the store’s top salesmen.

Not only is Eileen a fashion icon for many in Verona High School, but she has also become quite the runner in the past few years.“I started running because I needed to lose weight. I would start with one or two blocks at a time, which would slowly increase to miles. I recently ran a half marathon in Philadelphia, and I hope to run a full marathon in Philadelphia next year!

As you can see, Eileen is not you normal high school girl. From working to J-Crew, and looking to running half marathons during her spare time, there is always something interesting going on in her life!