VHS Bids Goodbye to Mrs. DeVita

“I like to tell people I am moving to Hollywood and becoming a movie star or that I won the lottery but in reality, it’s just time.”

So says special education teacher Elaine DeVita who has been working at VHS for 21 years now. She says she has “loved every second of working here” and that despite having many mixed feelings about leaving, she knows it’s time to go and continue her life doing other things.

She says she will most miss the feeling of accomplishment she has been able to share when some of her struggling students surprised themselves with the successes they had in high school.  She said she loves seeing them out in the world after graduation and catching up with them to find out how they are doing.

Germany and Russia are the next two places on her list of places to visit and she plans on visiting her sister a lot in Bermuda before she moves from there. She wants to spend more time with her family; she can’t wait to go visit her daughter and grandson down south and spend time with them and watch her grandson grow up.

Unfortunately her shore house was destroyed by Sandy so she is going to rebuild her shore house and is excited to spend summers down there again. She hopes to learn how to “straighten out her golf balls” and maybe even renew her restate license.

“VHS has always made me happy and I will never forget any of the great memories that I have made here,” she says. All of the students who have had Mrs. DeVita know that no one will ever replace the level of love and support she always provided them.  The Fairviewer wishes her best of luck and health in retirement.